Tuesday 27 October 2020

Living With Hammy - A documentary about being homeless


Living With Hammy is an abandoned documentary I filmed in the Summer of 2010 and ultimately never ended up editing together. 

To make my friends laugh, I did edit together a short teaser trailer. 

Living With Hammy told the story of a week I spent living with my friend Nick Hammond, a.k.a. Hammy, during my university summer holidays in 2010. 

I was living with Hammy because, outside of my university housing, and due to the loss of my family home after my stepfather's death, I did not actually have a home to go back to during the holidays. 

Living With Hammy was envisioned as being something of sequel to Down A Word: The Story of NEXT FRIDAY

In the footage I played a very annoying version of myself who was constantly winding Hammy up, so this documentary is slightly edging into being a mockumentary. 

I portrayed myself as being hugely annoying partly because that was just the way I was, but I also did it as revenge for how annoying Hammy had been to me over the years and because I knew it would provoke some amusing responses from him. 

The reason why I had returned home during the summer holidays was, firstly, to see my friends and family and, secondly, to show my friends the rough cut of A Not Even Gay THRE3SOME

I never planned on shooting a documentary. 

The idea only occurred to me when I got to Hammy's house and I started to think that maybe there was something in filming my week living with him.

Plus, I wanted to flex my filmmaking skills a little further. 

Ultimately, I didn't edit the footage together because it got buried under all my other university commitments and, after viewing all the footage, I didn't think what I had filmed was all that interesting. 

If I was to redo it, I would certainly think out my intentions for the end product beforehand. 

Also, to give the overall documentary a more enthralling narrative, I would much more so have focused on the fact that I was homeless and the reasons behind me being homeless.

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