Thursday, 23 February 2012

My 366 Project: 2012

As a new year’s resolution and as something I've been wanting to do for a while now, throughout 2012 I am undertaking a 366 project; wherein I will take a photograph a day for a whole year. 

The inception for this project came when I saw a 365 project in April last year and realised it was something that I would like to try. However, I didn't want to begin in the middle of a year; hence why I have waited until the beginning of 2012. 

"It's difficult if not impossible to be aware of everything going on around you - or even right in front of you. One reason is that your eyes only see in high resolution within two degrees of your focal point. In other words, no matter how good your eyesight, the majority of your surroundings are essentially out of focus."

(pg. 187, Ben Sherwood, The Survivors Club)

My 366 Project: Introduction Vlog

I have four aims for this project:
  1. To produce a collage of my 366 photos from 2012 which I will then have put on a canvas.
  2. To produce a video montage of my 366 photos from 2012. However, I want to be quite creative with this, so that it is not just a slideshow of 366 photos.
  3. To improve my photographic skills. 
  4. To make me more selective towards my subject matter and change the way I perceive the world. 
In addition to posting the images on Flickr, Google+ and, I have set up a blog to specifically host the images:

Annoying, I didn't realise, until quite late in the game, that 2012 was in fact a leap! Hence the post-it note and why the blog has such a ridiculously long name: 365 FRAMES A YEAR, or 366 because 2012 is a leap year. However, the blog is live now and the project is growing strong. Here's to a good year!