Thursday, 18 May 2017

E Y E S - An audio-visual Rubik cube and a story of the subtext

EYES is a 7-minute short film/pilot episode that I produced in 2013 as part of a larger web series concept proposal package which was undertaken for my final year BA (Hons) practical dissertation. The EYES project ended up being awarded the highest mark of the Creative Enterprise Project module!

EYES represents the culmination of my film education and exploration of my First Class degree in Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies. The whole EYES concept had a strong subtext and multi-layered story and the pilot was designed to set this complexity up in its aesthetic of being an audio-visual Rubik cube...

Cousins make the worst combinations and this is especially true of Boris and his long-lost cousin Lianne. Lianne has tracked Boris down looking for answers about their family which has long since vanished. Claiming to be someone else, Boris wants nothing to do with his cousin. However, as their streams become entwined, a reflexive connection is formed and a whole other world comes to the surface. EYES is a mystery wrapped in an enigma contained within a Rubik cube...

Presented below is a reflective commentary for the Pilot in which I commentate on the Pilot episode (Part 1) and then go into a bit more depth about various attributes of the Pilot and their place in the overall project (Part 2).  

Embedded below is the shooting script for the Pilot. Earlier drafts of the script can be seen here and reading them will reveal how the Pilot's story and overall concept evolved during the scriptwriting phase. There is a significant shift between the 3rd and 4th drafts!

The playlist below provides a record of the evolution the EYES Pilot experienced during its five month editing process. These videos are testament to my wish to keep developing the Pilot's narrative and the overall EYES concept during the editing process, watching the videos will reveal how the Pilot evolved from the script. 

For more on the development of the Pilot and the overall EYES concept proposal package see the EYES of a Storyteller blog.

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